Chef's Secret – It's the Burners!

Chef”s Secret – It”s the Burners!

How do you select the best cooktop or range top? Look for the following:

Large (high BTU) burners in front (this is where you”ll saute”)
Space around the burners adequate for 13-inch pans and pots (large pasta or soup pot in back and saute” or simmer pans in front)
Knobs in front or on the sides (so you don”t have to reach across hot pans to adjust the heat)
Gas burners that generate 15,000 BTUs or higher (one BTU is the amount of heat to raise a pint of So kommst du sicher […]Du wunschst dir roulette gratis Startguthaben, das sich wirklich lohnt? Nichts leichter als das, denn wir konnen dir gleich drei Roulettecasinos vorstellen, in denen du dich uber zusatzliches Geld freuen darfst. water one degree)
Electric burners that generate 4,000 watts (equivalent to about 15,000 BTUs)
Have you heard of the heat “recovery ratio”? It”s how long it takes boiling water to return to a boil after you add pasta or vegetables. More importantly, it”s how long it takes for oil to return to optimum temperature after you add chicken or meat to brown. If the recovery ratio is long, your chicken dries inside and absorbs grease outside while it turns golden. The end result looks similar but the quality is inferior. It”s all about the burners. Heat is a chef”s secret ingredient!

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