Deeper Counter Space = Functionality

Deeper Counter Space = Functionality

Standard base cabinets for kitchens are 24-inches deep and, with overhang, counter tops are typically about 25 inches. If small appliances are kept on the counter, this further narrows available the two-feet deep work space.

Cooking is easiest when everything needed is easy to see and easy to reach. When there isn’t enough horizontal space for this, we start to work vertically – we stack. Containers and pots and bowls and food are stacked on top of each other, or placed on top of the refrigerator, range, sink – anywhere we can find space. Does this sound painfully familiar?

Solution – 30-inch deep counter tops!

This is easily done by installing standard base cabinets six inches from the wall (called “furring out”) and topping with a 30-inch counter. The gap is covered by a 30-inch-wide side panel. You’ll be amazed at how much more space you have with six inches more depth along the length of your counters! Your coffee maker, toaster, food processor, canisters or display treasures can stay on the counter — and you still have about 18-inches of depth for your work space. In addition, you can make your wall cabinets 15-inches deep (instead of the standard 12-inches). This allows you to store even over-sized dinner plates and–wonder of wonders–platters! in a a wall cabinet.