Greening Your Remodel

“Green” is definitely one of this year’s big buzzwords. And for good reason—the environment has been used and abused without us paying much attention since the Industrial Revolution. It’s past time that we take care of the world that takes care of us.

Okay, enough soapboxing. You are doing a remodel and want to “green” the project. Recycled glass tiles and countertops have caught your eye. Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) cabinets are on the list. You’ve even looked at bamboo or cork flooring. Don’t stop there. Think about your demolition plan.

Yes, I said demolition plan. You could just send your contractor and his subs into the house with Sawzalls and sledge-hammers. That’s how most people do it, and that’s why construction and demolition waste is ads up to 135.5 million tons (click for source).

Instead, donate good condition appliances and even cabinetry to organizations like Habitat for Humanity or sell them to architectural salvage yards.

If your stuff isn’t in good enough condition to be removed and be reused, there’s a way for your project to still be of use to the community, if not the environment.

Call in the Firemen!! That’s right-those hot, strong guys and girls who keep our lives and properties safe. If your home is scheduled for demolition, you can offer the local Fire Department an opportunity to train in it before hand. They will take axes to the doors, cut holes in walls and generally make a mess of things to lean how better to save lives and stop fires from spreading—and YOU can be a part of it! Contact your local Fire Department to schedule this before your “official” demo and help make your community a safer place.