Heroes of the Bath

They may not be sexy, but GRAB BARS are an essential part of any bathroom remodel. When you are already replacing tile it”s the perfect time to add a little safety to you bath or shower. Don”t make the mistake of thinking it will ruin your look–manufacturerers today are making a variety styles and finishes to enhance any space. Check out the ones here at Great Grabz. Grab bars need to be securely attached to wall studs–something difficult if not impossible to do once tile is already in place so don”t assume you can just add one in later if need be.

While grab bars are a MUST in bathrooms for atoledo seniors, we all can benefit from the safety and security it adds. I remember how much I wished I”d had one when I broke my ankle at 22. The reality is, we are all only temporarily able-bodied. It may not be what we like to hear while contemplating the colors and style of our dream bathroom, but a little planning for the future can save you time, money and maybe even your life.