Jewel Box Kitchens: Small But Functional

Affordable homes in great locations are highly desirable even if they lack square footage for the “perfect” kitchen. Counters are the most highly used space in any kitchen and preserving counter space is of primary importance to convenience and work space. Consider the following innovative appliances that go under a counter:

Microwave drawer – easy to reach and see into and looks better too!
Under-counter style refrigerators and freezers – if you need more cold storage but don”t have room for a larger refrigerator consider adding under-counter refrigeration to your island or even breakfast area. It”s also a great way to place storage where you use it most. In an island it can hold produce and other frequently used ingredients. If it”s a beverage fridge to hold drinks and snacks, place it outside the main work area so kids can come and go without getting in the way of Mom or Dad making dinner.
Of course, one of the best ways to maximize counter space in a kitchen is tried and true: use a range instead of a cooktop and separate wall ovens.

Just because your kitchen is small, doesn”t mean you can”t enjoy cooking!