Take-Home Ideas from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

Moorea and I are still digesting all the wonderful new products we saw and design ideas we learned about at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in New Orleans last month. Some of my favorites are:

Design for aging in place – planning for comfort and ease at home into your golden years
Beautiful closets that make the most of storage space and provide easy access
Flexible design for counters: movable extensions to add counter space or seating, reveal a sink or cooking surface when needed
Trough-style second sinks that can be used for cold buffet service or beverages on ice when entertaining. May contain a removable herb garden insert when not in use. Has a fitted cover for more work space when needed. See example here.
How to mitigate noise and reflectivity from a multitude of popular hard surfaces in the home (hardwood floors, smooth walls and ceilings, tiles, shiny flat-screens, etc.)
Utility of two dishwashers: a busy family can take clean dishes from one and be loading the other. Timed to run after 8pm during non-peak hours, your one-year energy savings could pay for the second dishwasher!
Use of low-energy-consuming LED lighting in drawers and base cabinets – finding what’s in the back just became easy
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