The Perfection of Convection

The Perfection of Convection – Expand Your Menu Options!

My clients often ask me about convection ovens. Sometimes, they have had a convection oven for years but never even tried the convection setting. Here is a quick tutorial about how these ovens can make your life easier.

Science snapshot: convection ovens have a third heating element that is wrapped around a fan at the back. Heat flows evenly over all the racks (unlike traditional electric or gas radiant ovens with heating elements just on top and bottom.)


  • You can use ALL the racks simultaneously

  • You never need to change position of the racks to ensure even cooking

  • You can cook a pan of fish, a casserole of brussell sprouts, and a tray of cookies at the same time (as long as all items require the same temperature)

  • The aromas and flavors will not mingle because the direction of the airflow is com!Om man bara ar nyfiken pa att testa olika slotsspel kan man med fordel besoka nagot av de manga nat casinon som erbjuder gratis spel for latsaspengar. from the front of the oven to the back

  • Reduced cooking time or temperature saves energy

Don”t worry about converting a recipe written for a conventional oven. It”s easy! Simply reduce the temperature by 50 degrees or reduce cooking time by 25%. When baking, use the lower temperature option so the dough has time to rise. That”s it, no formula necessary.

Imagine Thanksgiving – green beans, extra stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pies cooking at the same time on all the oven racks. You can add dishes sequentially for the right cooking time and have everything piping hot an ready at once. The convenience, time savings, and lower energy use is well worth the higher price!

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