The Truth About Trash

Trash Compactors seem like such a good idea – trash condensed to 25% volume requires fewer trips to the garbage cans or dumpster. One quarter volume saves space at the landfill. There are some downsides however:

The longer garbage is in your home, the more likely there will be odor
Old trash can attract animals and insects
Bags can break when trash is compacted, especially with can lids and bottles
Compactors are difficult to keep clean and sanitary because of bag leakage
Compacted trash is 4 times as heavy to carry
Compacted trash takes longer to breakdown in the landfill
My recommendation? A trash/recycle cabinet drawer next to the clean-up sink. These pull out on gliders and have two attached wastebaskets, one for recyclable materials and one for everything else. Enjoy those walks outside!


Trash/recycle cabinet