Why I hate Microwave Hoods

  • They are terrible ventilation—absolutely useless at the task of getting smoke and bad smells out of the kitchen.

  • They create traffic problems—just look at breakfast (what should be a simple meal). Husband is scrambling eggs. Wife wants to reheat her coffee. A tussle ensues and in the time it takes the husband to step aside and wait for the wife to finish, the eggs are overcooked and rubbery.

  • In order to be reachable, it has to be installed low—making it so low that if you have a tall pot on the back burner you can’t see into it and may even have to move it forward to stir.

  • It is always gross and sticky from cooking residues (that it can’t vent!)

  • With all these problems, the benefits of saving space and money seem dubious at best. I’d rather put the microwave in the right place (near the refrigerator) and buy a hood that works.