"Our friends and neighbors cannot believe the beauty and efficiency of our kitchen. The project you have should not be handled by anyone other than Moorea. She is beyond her years in knowledge of how a kitchen should look and work. The best thing about our house is the kitchen design by Moorea. You will not be disappointed."

Marian C.
San Diego, CA

"Dear Moorea,
Thank you so much for your help with our kitchen remodel. It was quite a challenge. As you know, my husband and our kitchen installer were convinced that the only configuration we could accommodate was a U-shaped kitchen without the island that I had dreamed of having.

You listened carefully to our requests and knew what we needed even when we weren’t able to tell you. I really appreciate how you also took into consideration furniture placement, kitchen function, and traffic flow. When all was said and done, you knew without a doubt that we could have an island and that there was even enough room for a small overhang to accommodate two small barstools.

I am so glad you managed to convince my husband about the island. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and go over every mathematical detail with him. Numbers, you see, are very concrete and something my husband understands and appreciates. You sensed that immediately, capitalized on it, and in the end we ended up with the most amazing kitchen you can imagine!

I still stand in the kitchen and marvel that it really belongs to us. Every detail was so well thought out. We now have a totally aesthetic kitchen with every professional detail and function. My husband still says, “I can’t believe I didn’t think this would work.” I am so glad we found a designer who could think unconventionally and find the right solution even when other professionals couldn’t get “outside the box.”

In addition to being a consummate professional kitchen designer, you possess unique communication skills, both written and verbal. You have the amazing ability to listen and hear what a client is asking for, even when they are not sure themselves.

You quickly recognized our concerns and reservations and allayed all fears by providing accurate research and information to substantiate your goals in meeting our needs.

Even though our contractor gave us a “free” design, I am so glad we hired you. We got so much more than we paid for with your incredible work ethic, outstanding communication skills, and dedication to excellence. I will recommend you to anyone with a home remodel in mind."

Leslie and Grant Y.
San Diego, CA

"Moorea is a kitchen designer who could have been a rocket scientist, had she wanted to! She is a creative thinker and brilliant problem solver."

Linda B
San Clemente, CA