What We Do

The Kitcheneering Difference

Kitcheneering provides busy homeowners with kitchens that are functional and beautiful so that cooking and clean-up are easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Whether you are making crown roast for ten or chicken fingers for three, you'll have more fun and spend less time in the kitchen.

The most beautiful kitchen in the world can quickly turn into a torture chamber if it hasn't been designed with the cook's needs in mind.

At Kitcheneering, our expertise is based on a professional cooking and restaurant design background. We know what it takes to make your kitchen a comfortable environment for cooking, eating, entertaining, intimate conversations, geometry homework and all the complex activities that take place in this multipurpose room.

Yet in our efforts to create an attractive and inviting space, we never lose sight of your kitchen's true purpose: the easy, comfortable and, most importantly, time-efficient preparation of food for you, your family, and your guests.

Whether you are making oatmeal for one, tuna sandwiches for four, or Thanksgiving dinner, your new kitchen will be designed with ease and efficiency in mind, and a style uniquely your own.

Whether you need a complete redesign of your existing kitchen or just want to verify that your remodel plans are as functional as you require, we can help you create an amazing new space for the way you want to live and avoid costly mistakes:

Kitchen And Bath Design

Adjacent Spaces:

  • Family Room

  • Master Suites

  • Media Center

  • Laundry Room

  • Mud or “Sand” Room

Appliance Consultation
  • The intersection of quality, function and price

Space Planning
  • Optimal flow and usable space

Materials Selection
  • Built-In Cabinetry

  • Color Palette

  • Wall and Trim Finishes

  • Lighting

  • Back Splash

  • Countertop

  • Flooring

Design Assurance

  • Avoid costly mistakes the first time around

What are YOUR goals for pleasurable daily living and having over friends and family?
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